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 SYVH P. O. Box 1509 Summerland California 93067

I request permission to participate in cross-country riding and foxhunting with the Santa Ynez Valley Hounds. I fully understand that cross-country horseback riding and foxhunting (which includes riding over fences, other obstacles, and steep and rough terrain) are very dangerous activities. I wish to participate in these activities knowing they are dangerous. I accept and assume all risks of injury (including death) to me or my property. I understand and acknowledge that this document will remain in force until October 1, 2023 and must be renewed at that time. In exchange for being permitted to participate in these activities for myself, my heirs, guardian, and legal representatives, I release and agree not to make or bring claim of any kind against Santa Ynez Valley Hounds, or its Masters, officers, directors, members, employees, or guests, or any landowners, landholders, or other persons making property available to Santa Ynez Valley Hounds for any injury (including death) to me or any damage to my property whether from anyone’s negligence or not, or any other cause arising out of my participation in these dangerous horseback riding, foxhunting, or related activities, and I also agree if anyone makes any claims because of any injury to me (including death), or any damage to my property, I will keep all those released by this agreement free of any damage or costs because of those claims.

SYVH Social Media Posting Policy: No Drones, Videos, or Game photos. Check with others in your photos before posting. Violating this policy without the express permission of those in the photos and/or the Masters could result in a more restrictive social media posting policy for all.

Thanks for submitting!

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